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Double rail with interaxis 1000mm  Power: 230V 0,5KW 50/60Hz

Rail galvanized 54×84   Power: 230V 0,5KW 50/60Hz

Irrigation system


Drop by drop irrigation system, for greenhouse, hydroponics crop, the crop coconut substrateor ground crop


Drip irrigation system

6 rows of plants per Travee
- 1line PE for a row of plants
dropping lines
- PE tube
Self-limiting dropping PC de 2,2L/h
supply pipe PVC inside greenhouse


Fresh water basins

For storing fresh water tanks galvanized corrugated sheet for water storage,doubled by a membrane .





Stainless steel structure



Filtration station

Disc filtration station, with manual or automatic washing.

Collector input and output is made of PVC and includes all accessories for proper functioning of the system.


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Tanks are made ​​of polyethylene due to its resistance against chemical aggression and because of its durability.

Generally fertiligatie stations have 4 tanks nutrients and one acid tank.

Tanks include air mixing system 2.0 CV
Each of these tanks includes a filter to ensure correct operation of the system fertirigation .

Echipament statie de fertirigatie

Fertirigation station is designed to train and control the solenoid valves and inject fertilizer to be used in crops.

With a capacity of more programs and fertirigation independent irrigation with irrigation scheduling activation, each injection unit includes a venturi injector, flow meter, control valves and solenoid valves, controlled by the equipment itself, expandable up to 9 nutrients different stirring solutions contained in tanks, alarm control etc

Station works by aspiration pressure group that is used to inject fertilizer into the irrigation network.
Fertilization control equipment is equipped with an CE sensor, a pH sensor.
The device is able to control optional auxiliary irrigation areas and available optional equipment features and software for connection to a PC.



-Easy handeling and programme settings

-On-screen revision of process in course

-Posibility to activate manually

The injection equipment does not include mobile parts

-High performance Venturi

-Low maintenance costs

-It does not couse any damages to yhe system in case of lack of fertilizator

-Digital calibration of Ph,Ce, solar radiation sensor

System- adaptable to the needs of applicable flow

Other equipments

Pvc output connector electric pump(according to needs)

Pvc output connector with 75mm injectors

Tuburile primare fabricate din PVC cu unire printr-un ansamblu elastic.

Tuburile secundare de  distributie  a apei sunt din PVC cu diferite diametre PN 6ATM.

Tuburile tertiare sunt din PE cu diametrul de 50mm si cu o presiune de 4ATM.

Tuburile de irigatie la plante prin picatura cu picatura sunt PE cu diam de 20mm, pe care inseram picuratorii cu autocompensare si sistem antidrenare.




The fog system with openings of 1 mm using a mixed air and water.

The system is designed to humidify or treat total area in several stages with more humidity electovane and applying on several occasions in maximum needs or in specific cases.


Group compressor

Group pythons air compressor and components required to connect to the network air compressor


Control station

The control will automatically monitor pesticide treatments and the relative humidity in the greenhouse.
Echipamantul has an electric pump and water pressure tank polyethylene filter disc, pulse emitter, desk and stainless steel structure and all the necessary elements correct operation of the installation.

Main water tubes air

Primary tubing for air distribution, made ​​of PVC with diameter of 90mm and PN 125 110 and 6 atm.


Secondary air distribution tubes are also made ​​of PVC with diameter of 90mm and 75 mm and Pn 6atm.
Primary water distribution pipes are manufactured from 25mm diameter PE side water distribution pipes with diameter of 40 mm, 32mm and 25mm all in PN 10 atm.

  • Filter discs station manual or automatic washing.
  • UV ultraviolet disinfection equipmen
  • Willing to earth
    Lift up on supports



 This facility will send the plant a mixture of CO2 and air. CO2 will raise crop production and crop weight 





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